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We are now reproducing "CHARMER",by Joyce Wolf Molds....

One of the most beautiful miniature {6"} LADY FAIRIES ever sculpted. Absolutely breath-taking.

Watch for other LADY FAIRIES by JOYCE WOLF Molds coming soon!


Available in 6" and 11" sizes

"TANZEY" [open eyes} and "ODELLE" {closed eyes}

The original Enchanted Dollies, created by Bunnis Morris & Paul Jackson.

These Fairy-like creatures are perfectly sculpted.

"TANZEY" & "ODELLE" are full porcelain slim bodies with gracefully bent arms & legs. Fully bent left and right legs are available for pretty posing, dancing, kneeling or flying and other enchanted activities.

Our 11" "TANZEY & ODELLE" are FULLY posable with jointed arms & legs.


A beautiful ALL-PORCELAIN 17" Doll. She can be a Fairy, Bride, Indian Maiden or whatever you choose.

For more information on any of our beautiful FAIRIES,OR the greenware to make your own, Please email us.....

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